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Brazilian Wax (Dare To Bare)

"I'm thinking about getting a brazilian wax." "What do I need to know?" Good question!

We refer to brazilian waxing as removing pubic hair "down there." Yes, the genital area where hair grows. Blame puberty for growing those bristly, curly wisps of hair growing between our butt crack and genital area. While some people are not bothered by these hairs, many people do not want to deal with them. It is all personal preference, and there is no right or wrong to having them or not having them. People who prefer to remove these hairs often say they feel cleaner and more hygenic. One of my clients refers to the after wax as the "Swish Swish" smooth and clean feel. :)

What should I know before getting a brazilian wax? Well, before you make an appointment I would suggest having enough hair to remove. If you are someone who shaves, I would recommend growing it out for at least 2-3 weeks. Your Esthetician will need 1/4 inch of hair to work with. We say a length of about a grain of rice.

Does brazilian waxing hurt? While waxing may not be the most comfortable thing to have done, a good waxer will make you feel comfortable, be quick and efficient. You will definitely need to be ok with someone else applying warm wax to your private areas. Modesty goes out the window when you are getting your pubic hair removed. Remember to take some deep breaths, ask your esthetician about whether or not you should take pain reliever prior to your appointment, and there are topical numbing products, which can help reduce the amount of discomfort. Again, do your research and find an esthetician who is proficient with this type of waxing! A good waxer will make all the difference in your first time waxing experience.

What does brazilian waxing cost? Brazilian waxing typically runs $55-$85. Remember brazilian waxing is considered a specialized service. Not all estheticians are trained in this and not everyone is proficient with this skill. Your genital area is a sensitive area. You will want a skilled esthetician doing your service. You will want an esthetician who uses a good quality wax. Esthetic supplies can be expensive and skilled estheticians are generally working with higher compensation levels, so please remember these things when scheduling your appointment. A good esthetician is worth the price!

Is there anything I need to do or avoid after my wax? Many estheticians will recommend an after wax product to help with irritation or possible ingrown hairs. We recommend taking it easy and not doing excessive exercise for a few hours. Salt water and chlorinated water should be avoided for a day, and common sense rules apply. Your skin my be slightly pink directly after a wax, so we say avoid anything to create further irritation.

Brazilian waxing has become a standard and popular request in the salon/spa world. It often makes one feel clean, confident in a bathing suit and it now is almost as popular as getting your eyebrows done. I say take the plunge if you are wanting to do it and see for yourself what all the talk is about.

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