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Skincare during Quarantine

Updated: May 2, 2020

Many of us wash our face each day, and some people even do professional facials from time to time. But what do you do when you are told to stay indoors, not go out, you can't see your esthetician and you may even have limited resources to skincare product? The first couple of days are probably great! You feel as if you are on vacation while you sleep in, wear the comfy pjs all day and probably are makeup-free, which is not a bad thing. However, getting to that 6th, 7th and even 20th day, you may be feeling as if your skin is needing some attention. After all, our face is the first thing people see! The skin is the largest organ of the body and many people's confidence is associated with how they look. So let's talk about our skin routine in quarantine.

Is it really important to wash your face everyday?

YES, but what is a person to do with endless descriptive and high pressure marketing out there? Anti-aging, moisturizing, clarifying, etc. etc. Unless you are an ingredient guru or scientist, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to simply washing your face.

How do you choose a cleanser?

Here is the easy breezy tip to choosing face cleansers. You want to cleanse your skin without stripping essential oils needed for moisturizing, and you want to cleanse your skin with something that gets dirt, oil, makeup, sweat and any other gunk off your skin. Look for a cleanser without high fragrance. Unless you are using a professional product your esthetician has recommended and may have a botanical or medicinal scent, find a fragrance free product. You also want to be using a product without active ingredients. Active ingredients are usually ingredients added to a product to enhance a desired result. Again, unless your esthetician or physician has prescribed a cleanser with active ingredients, you want to avoid these. Leave the glycolic, salicylic, retinols to your skincare professional. If you feel as if you need one of these products, I highly recommend you talk with an esthetician. They will be able to prescribe something specifically for your skin. Personally, I recommend IMAGE skincare products to many of my clients.

What's the best way to wash your face?

Now that we have a fragrance-free, active ingredient-free product, let the face cleansing begin! Take a nickel size amount of your cleanser in the palm of your hand, add water and begin to lather. Please make sure your hands are washed before you touch your face or before you add product to your hands. Start at your neck and work in an upward circular direction, distributing the cleanser to the entire face. Be careful as you work around the eye area. At this point, take a warm wash cloth and gently begin to remove the cleanser until all product is off the skin. I recommend a double cleanse to ensure all makeup, dirt and oil is thoroughly removed.

Do you have to cleanse morning and night?

It is recommended to wash your face morning and night, but definitely try to cleanse before you go to bed. Leaving makeup on at night does not allow the skin to breathe, which is important for the overall health of the skin and to keep it clean. Also, be sure to wash your pillow case frequently.


  • Fragrance Free

  • Active Ingredient Free (unless prescribed by your esthetician/physician)

  • Nickel Size Amount of Product

  • Circular Upward Motion

  • Remove With Warm Wash Cloth

  • Double Cleanse

  • Cleanse Daily

Quarantine and social distancing does not have to mean neglecting your skin. Stay healthy and keep that skin looking great!


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